IMG_0323(1)Chyna Whyne is beautiful and talented upcoming ‘soul’ reggae recording artist that has the vocal capabilities and moreover, an outstanding modern performance technique that we will now see coming from her and many new artists today. With a unique style of her own and Hailing from the UK, she is originally a Jamaican beauty which accounts for Chyna Whyne and her defined versatility. In the featured ‘snippet’, it begins with a subtle piano cover that has a warm and familiar reggae vibe and sway. Yet there is a modern twist to the ‘riddim’ . The percussions are smooth and rhythmic which allows for great slow dancing music and a general good listen and meditation. As the intro is played, the sweet vocals of Chyna Whyne softly intrigue the listener into the world full of ‘secrets’. Chyna Whyne introduces the listeners to the soft and delicate nature of womanhood and what a ‘man’, ( in relation to how a woman ‘should’ be treated), should do in order to pursue and win the heart of his beloved. Considering ‘her’ emotions and appealing to her ‘softer side’. Also, encouraging the male to get ‘in-touch’ with his gentleness. Complete and equal sensibility in a relationship.

We sat down with Chyna Whyne during an Exclusive Interview with our sister site Writing This Way at EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW WITH CHYNA WHYNE

Writing this way: How did you hear about Writing this way? “I heard about writing this way through my studio engineer.”

Writing this way:  What made you decide to become an artist? “I was born with a voice to sing, and  had the passion to sing and perform from  the age of 3 years old.”

Writing this way: What was your inspiration behind your stage name? “The inspiration behind my name came when I realised it was necessary to have a name that was memorable and  I felt suited me. The name Chyna came to me in a dream and the Whyne was added  years later when I had written a song called Chyna whyne, which had a dance to it. I had submitted my song list at a gig and the first song on  the list was Chyna Whyne. For some reason the promoter put Chyna whyne on my stage pass , and when I saw how powerful it looked written as me, I adopted the whole name.”

Writing this way: What advice would you give your 20 year old self years ago if it were years ago? “Be true to yourself! Myself!”

Writing this way: How do you handle mistakes during performances? How does your crew handle mistakes? “If I make a mistake on stage I don’t make too much of a big fuss about it, I graciously smile and continue the show! As for the crew, they react to how I react, so I keep things light hearted and fun!”

Writing this way: Do you tour? Anything interesting happen on tour that you would like to share? “Although I have not toured the world as yet as ‘’Chyna Whyne’’ the artist, I have toured with The Who, Eric Clapton, Seal, to name a few. My most memorable time was playing stadiums of  250,000 people on a world tour with the WHO. To hear 250,000 people cheering, chanting and screaming at the top of their voices, made my hair stand on end ( and I don t even have any!! )”

Writing this way: Where do you find inspiration for your songs? “I am inspired from all thigs…every day occurrences, my moods, life, love, there is no one fixed  point of inspiration.”

Writing this way: Do you have a website? What platforms do you use to share your music? “I have a website  currently I am using wix”

Writing this way: How do you promote your music? “I promote my music on the web, live gigs and word and mouth!”

Writing this way: If you could perform anywhere and with any artists (Dead or Alive) where and who would it be with? Why? “I would like to perform with Bob Marley live in Jamaica. He is a great inspiration to me.” Writing this way: Any new upcoming projects that you want to talk about? “I have spent the past 15 years building a company called Walking in stilettos Ltd which is a company that teaches women how to walk in high heels with the use of the Alexander Technique.”

Writing this way: What should fans look forward to? “My fans can look forward to my amazing new album , live shows and the new and exciting world of a healthy lifestyle in high heels..”

End Interview…

Chyna Whyne a rising artists hailing from(the UK via Jamaica West Indies) and has been recording music for many years and sharing her many talents and skills with the public on appearances and uploads of inspiring messages on YouTube and on her personal website. You can listen to ‘Secrets Of A Woman’ by Chyna Whyne right here at this link.

Look forward and listen for more great inspiring music from Chyna Whyne. ‘Secrets Of A Woman’ by Chyna Whyne!music/c1x9v Chyna Whyne Personal Video Update Look forward and listen for more great inspiring music from Chyna Whyne coming soon!