THE  POWER OF SHARING! OXcwJlZeKTCB_w2x6gVtrIb7QnOBcHDPa4hgQwvr5jOGbD-Y7DY3_-Sl8mI8Dbi4BTR8eOZmN1xhsl56ACrFPM6aBJFhOMbcPkYXjMbnpITlTuiEGarBPiZIYo1EEVOiGXtlzHape26WxpNvZmA-SacOH0TPifnkf2c=w572-h457-nc


One share is worth more than a 1,000 ‘Likes ‘!

A ‘share’ of information, knowledge… is worth much more to ‘us’ as the global African community than a 1,000 ‘Likes’! Knowledge we know is power!

Sharing knowledge of experiences, expertise, knowhow, shows how we can work as #one, in #unity, with one another, with #one aim #one goal…

We as Africans should use the Internet to raise ourselves up; emotionally, spiritually, socially, politically and economically…

Moreover, we have Dr. Mark Dean an African inventor, who has 9 patents in his own name too! On the first IBM computer!

So, let’s do great things with the digital technology platforms given to us by our dear great African brother…

Bless U…

Wishing you all the power and blessings of our ancestors…

Warren Alexander-Dean – Founder

The 21 joint Administrators


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Intetnet Jobs line-news.com Product Review


line-news.com is the newest craze on fast income on the internet. The funny thing is that I am astonished as to how fast cash is accumulated. Sign up is simple and effortless. It might work
better for you if you have PayPal to get your earns faster. This is how it works. Since the company deals exclusively with news and television stations much newd doesn’t get to the public and just dits there. They have come up with a way to distribute the news. Funding is provided by the television stations wanting the news out. Your job, once enrolled, is to read the news they give you to read. Most of the time its one sentence, at the most three lines and every now and then share an article. Whats even more fantastic about this service, is that in order to earn your payment for reading the news article, you…

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‘Nympho’ by Bethany Anne Exposed Vocals Music Review


Bethany Anne is an upcoming indie pop singer from Philadelphia, PA. She comes to the scene Possessing a dramatic, soft vocal with a touch of provocativeness giving the song a unique perspective which can be heard throughout the track. Possibly not intentionally however, Bethany Anne has been able to add acting to the list of her capabilities, as she has shown in the music video Nympho. With a flare for the sexy and dramatic side of the experience of ‘love making’.

Although no actual nudity or love making is displayed, nevertheless, the vision is implied and the imagination is able to explore the boundaries.  The track Nympho is not just meant to entertain as it is to tell a story. The beginning is profound with electronic drums, giving the track a techno touch. The electronic feel is felt throughout the entirety of the track. A nice song to dance to.  Nympho is the story of a girl that has trouble being satisfied sexually, however, with one exception; the objects of her desire, as shown in the video.  Expressing her desire for constant sexual gratification, “Don’t fall asleep, if you do, can you keep it up for me”… clearly an expressive track that fits in with todays genres of underground indie pop culture and RnB. Also, giving the impression of 80’s era electronic pop music.  The video Nympho being performed more a skit rather than a music video allows the watcher to lean towards the assumption of what happens next, rather than guessing.


The lyrics tell about the feelings, moreover, the torture that the nympho undergoes in order to quench the pains of satisfaction and desire. “Are you awake, cause if …” a statement that expresses the desperation, anticipation and depths of the desire and wanting, while having fun. A vocalization of wanting to experience this pleasure everyday and night. Another manifestation of the targeted desire that a nympho would experience.  The two men in the video are an example of how far the nympho will go as to quenching her desire.  Although the part they play is left to the imagination, the implications are all there. Overall, the video Nympho by Bethany Anne is an overwhelming display of unforeseen talent in an unexpected format. Ultimately, the desired effect was achieved. The video displayed similar descriptive tendencies referring to the general profile of a nympho. Nevertheless, the soundtrack is reminiscent of an era that paved the way for today’s new artists  and has given me a new meaning for indie pop culture.

By Linda Dawkins

Copyright (C) 2014 TCA Music Group Records.

Music video for Nympho performed by Bethany Anne. Buy “Nympho” on iTunes ▶ http://smarturl.it/BethanyAnneTOW Site: https://www.tcamusicgroup.com/bethany-anne.html Twitter: http://twitter.com/BethanyAnne1 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tcamusicgroup Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/tcamusicgroup Instagram: http://instagram.com/bethanyanne89


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‘Secrets Of A Woman’ By Chyna Whyne Interview and Music Review

IMG_0323(1)Chyna Whyne is beautiful and talented upcoming ‘soul’ reggae recording artist that has the vocal capabilities and moreover, an outstanding modern performance technique that we will now see coming from her and many new artists today. With a unique style of her own and Hailing from the UK, she is originally a Jamaican beauty which accounts for Chyna Whyne and her defined versatility. In the featured ‘snippet’, it begins with a subtle piano cover that has a warm and familiar reggae vibe and sway. Yet there is a modern twist to the ‘riddim’ . The percussions are smooth and rhythmic which allows for great slow dancing music and a general good listen and meditation. As the intro is played, the sweet vocals of Chyna Whyne softly intrigue the listener into the world full of ‘secrets’. Chyna Whyne introduces the listeners to the soft and delicate nature of womanhood and what a ‘man’, ( in relation to how a woman ‘should’ be treated), should do in order to pursue and win the heart of his beloved. Considering ‘her’ emotions and appealing to her ‘softer side’. Also, encouraging the male to get ‘in-touch’ with his gentleness. Complete and equal sensibility in a relationship.

We sat down with Chyna Whyne during an Exclusive Interview with our sister site Writing This Way at http://www.writingthisway.com. EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW WITH CHYNA WHYNE

Writing this way: How did you hear about Writing this way? “I heard about writing this way through my studio engineer.”

Writing this way:  What made you decide to become an artist? “I was born with a voice to sing, and  had the passion to sing and perform from  the age of 3 years old.”

Writing this way: What was your inspiration behind your stage name? “The inspiration behind my name came when I realised it was necessary to have a name that was memorable and  I felt suited me. The name Chyna came to me in a dream and the Whyne was added  years later when I had written a song called Chyna whyne, which had a dance to it. I had submitted my song list at a gig and the first song on  the list was Chyna Whyne. For some reason the promoter put Chyna whyne on my stage pass , and when I saw how powerful it looked written as me, I adopted the whole name.”

Writing this way: What advice would you give your 20 year old self years ago if it were years ago? “Be true to yourself! Myself!”

Writing this way: How do you handle mistakes during performances? How does your crew handle mistakes? “If I make a mistake on stage I don’t make too much of a big fuss about it, I graciously smile and continue the show! As for the crew, they react to how I react, so I keep things light hearted and fun!”

Writing this way: Do you tour? Anything interesting happen on tour that you would like to share? “Although I have not toured the world as yet as ‘’Chyna Whyne’’ the artist, I have toured with The Who, Eric Clapton, Seal, to name a few. My most memorable time was playing stadiums of  250,000 people on a world tour with the WHO. To hear 250,000 people cheering, chanting and screaming at the top of their voices, made my hair stand on end ( and I don t even have any!! )”

Writing this way: Where do you find inspiration for your songs? “I am inspired from all thigs…every day occurrences, my moods, life, love, there is no one fixed  point of inspiration.”

Writing this way: Do you have a website? What platforms do you use to share your music? “I have a website  currently I am using wix  http://chyna76.wix.com/chyna-whyne”

Writing this way: How do you promote your music? “I promote my music on the web, live gigs and word and mouth!”

Writing this way: If you could perform anywhere and with any artists (Dead or Alive) where and who would it be with? Why? “I would like to perform with Bob Marley live in Jamaica. He is a great inspiration to me.” Writing this way: Any new upcoming projects that you want to talk about? “I have spent the past 15 years building a company called Walking in stilettos Ltd which is a company that teaches women how to walk in high heels with the use of the Alexander Technique.  www.walkinginstilettos.com”

Writing this way: What should fans look forward to? “My fans can look forward to my amazing new album , live shows and the new and exciting world of a healthy lifestyle in high heels..”

End Interview…

Chyna Whyne a rising artists hailing from(the UK via Jamaica West Indies) and has been recording music for many years and sharing her many talents and skills with the public on appearances and uploads of inspiring messages on YouTube and on her personal website. You can listen to ‘Secrets Of A Woman’ by Chyna Whyne right here at this link.

Look forward and listen for more great inspiring music from Chyna Whyne. ‘Secrets Of A Woman’ by Chyna Whyne http://chyna76.wix.com/chyna-whyne#!music/c1x9v Chyna Whyne Personal Video Update https://youtu.be/bFVrXxDFar8 Look forward and listen for more great inspiring music from Chyna Whyne coming soon!

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My ‘Selfie Stick’ Product Review

When it comes to ‘cool devices’, the “Selfie Stick” is the coolest, easiest, most inexpensive and useful ‘modern’ devices invented after the cell phone. Well, they had to come up with ‘something’ that could make taking your own photo a little easier and less ‘taxing’. Especially when it comes to that hassle of trying to get that “perfect snapshot” or that “group photo” that You ‘wanted to be in’ but ‘someone had to take the shot’ photo. They extend up to 3 feet, which gives the perfect distance to get a ‘wider’ shot even from diverse angles. Making more options for those fun filled photo moments. They work with MOST android phones and can be stored easily after retracted. I got mine from the bargain store ‘Factory2U’. I paid a little over $7 for it and am enjoying its use!

Just had to share this cause I really think its a ‘Cool Device’ even though it lind of looks like a ‘headless golfclub’ when its extended to its full length. My first thought was ” This would make a good weapon”, since I am a weapons and ammunitions I like to imagine what type of weapon I could make out of it? Well… Thats just how I think… Anyway, personally, I’m gonna have fun with it while its working and then I’ll find another use for it or get something else. In the meantime, If you have one, good. If not, go get yourself one and see what Im talking about.

– LINDADZ89aviary-image-1434130912552